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When we first arrived at the San Luis valley to visit the Great Sand Dunes National Park 13 years ago, little did we know what a turning point in life the visit would turn out to be! We loved the beauty and serenity of the valley ringed by mountains. And the valley’s unique feature, the combination of the sand dunes with its flowing stream and the imposing mountains as a back drop absolutely amazed us!

We found the Great Sand Dunes Lodge at the park entrance nestled right at the foot of the Sangre de Christo mountains. We were very happy to get a room there. The next morning, while talking with the owner, we found out that the lodge was up for sale. Realizing the potential of the place, without a moment’s hesitation we decided to take ownership of the lodge! It was a decision that we never regretted.

Having no experience in the hospitality business we put in our best efforts to attend to the comfort and needs of our guests. We ran the lodge with special care and personal attention while annually upgrading features. We added four more rooms and our guests have a choice of three distinctive styles of rooms. Business has grown beyond our expectations. Our occupancy rate is over 90%. We get great reviews from our guests from all over the world. We are extremely satisfied with what has been achieved. What a marvelous change from working for big corporations and what a blessing to be able to live in these magical surroundings!

However, the time has come for us to pass on the business to someone who loves these mountains and valley passionately enough to want to live and work here. The business itself has tremendous potential for growth as we keep turning away disappointed visitors very often. The right entrepreneur will have ample scope to take the business to its next level. As for living here, one wakes up to the view of the dunes and the San Juan and at the end of the day sits out on the patio enjoying stunning sunsets!

If this life style appeals to you and you want to take on the ownership you are welcome.

Ratna and Rames 

May 17, 2017

Contact Person: Wylie Elson 575 770 1872.